Happy new year 2018!

I can't believe this is the beginning of a new year.
As I'm getting older the feeling that the years are passing by quicker is getting stronger, and by the end of 2018 I will be celebrating my 40th birthday - which makes it even more unbelievable to me.

I do know that I want this year to be kinder to us all.
Because in a world that is becoming crueler and full of fear and hate towards everything different, I feel we need to look harder for rays of light, tolerance and optimizam. 
I want this year to be filled with fun and interesting experiences that will make us become better people to one another and mostly to ourselves, and I want to feel that as hard as it is sometimes, it is always worthwhile continuing moving forward with a smile.

And I want to open 2018 in my blog with a great giveaway that will at least make one of you smile! 
I'm giving away this makeup kit, filled with great products that will help you start the new year more beautiful than ever!

Happy new year 2018 giveaway

How to participate in the giveaway?

Enter the Rafflecopter and complete the 3 mandatory tasks:

1. Leave a blog post comment
2. Like my Facebook page
3. Follow my Instagram.

To raise the wining chances you can also complete at least one of the next tasks:

4. Be a blog follower to receive immediate updates when I publish a new post 
5. Follow me on Snapchat
6. Publicly share this giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram.

Rules and conditions

  • You must be at least 18 to enter this giveaway
  • Only registration through the Rafflecopter  and performing correctly the 3 mandatory tasks will allow you to participate in the giveaway
  • You can join the giveaway as of today, 1.1.2018, and until 14.1.2018
  • The winner's name will be published here. I will then send her an email. If she does not answer within 72 hours, I will choose a new winner.
  • The prize will be send from Spain. Therefore you must take into consideration delays or faults that I can't control.
  • If for any reason there will be a custom's payment for the package, the winner will carry it.

You are welcome to write to me with any questions or doubts regarding the giveaway: mor.beauty2012@gmail.com

Good luck and happy new year!!!



  1. רוצה להשתתף בהגרלה ��

  2. אשמח להשתתף את מהממת ������
    שתהיה שנה טובה

  3. Amazing giveaway, as usual :)

    Happy Holidays!

  4. My new year resolution is to be more patient, and leave all the negativity behind me

  5. Happy knew Year hope this year I fill good without hospitals and hopefully from best thing to do

  6. עוקבת .שנה אזרחית טובה ומוצלחת ורק בשורות טובות. מקווה שהשנה הזאת
    אפתח בבריאות אושר ושלווה

  7. שנה טובה ומוצלחת לכולנו!!!

  8. My new year's resolution is to not let people get to me and stay positive . I really want to start travelling this year

  9. שנה נפלאה שתהיה לכולנו!😘

  10. הכל בוצע בכיף חוץ מהסנאפצ'ט שאין לי מושג מה זה.. ההחלטה שלי שנה החדשה היא לאכול בריא יותר כדי לשמור בריאותי בשביל הבן שלי.

  11. My new year resolution is to finish my school and wear more makeup...happy new year!

  12. שתהיה שנה טובה ומדהימה!! הכל בוצע :)

  13. Wow מהממת
    אין לי אנסטגרם, מקווה שזה בסדר. שיתפתי בשמחה. ר

  14. נחמד שעברת לאנגלית, ועוד יותר נחמד שיש הגרלה 😊

  15. השתחררתי לפני שלושה שבועות, ממש לקראת השנה החדשה. כך שההחלטה שלי ל2018 היא לעשות כמה שיותר דברים שיקדמו אותי קדימה, למצוא את עצמי ולגלות את השאיפות שלי


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