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A bit more Huda

When I published my last post about Huda Beauty, it was clear to me that I'll be purchasing more of her products, and the time has come to share them with you. In the last 3 months or so, slowly but surly, Sephora Spain has started bringing more and more holiday collections from different brands, including of course Huda, and it was not easy to choose what to buy.  My guideline though has always been asking myself the question: "Will I be sorry later on about not buying it"? Because holiday collections are usually limited addition, and they are always so special and tempting... And this question made me buy, for example, 2 of the lip sets. They were just to beautiful to chose just one.

Obsessions palette Mauve

I have to admit that when I first heard about the launch of these 4 small eyeshadow palettes, I felt quite frustrated. As you know, I already own her 2 other large eyeshadow palettes, and seeing that now 4 small and much more practical were coming made me feel like I may…

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017 collection- Part 2

So as I promised you in part 1 of this post, I truly couldn't restrain myself with the beautiful Man Ray collection and had to buy more pieces of it. The chosen ones were these 2 beauties:

NARS x Man Ray Love game eyeshadow palette

The Love game eyeshadow palette immediately caught my eye due to it's beautiful colors. The eye looks possibilities it offers are varied and interesting just like I like an eyeshadow palette to be and the packaging is gorgeous. Unfortunately and like in many other eyeshadow palettes, the matte eyeshadows are a bit hard to work with and I have to make an effort to build the intense pigmentation I'm looking for. But when I do get it, the final look combining the mattes and the shimmers is simply stunning. The palette was inspired by the vibrant muse of Man Ray, Ady Fidel, the first African American model to be featured in a fashion magazine, and interestingly enough, this palette is exclusively for international retailers, meaning it is not sold in th…

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017 collection- Part 1

NARS has been a long time favorite brand of mine, and I think the main reason is because it has always kept it's high quality. No matter which products they decide to launch, you can be sure their performance will be impeccable. That's why I always pick up something from their holiday collection each year, and this year I really couldn't restrain myself. The Man Ray collection is simply beautiful and I truly wanted it all.

But after a lot of thinking, I choose this threesome, and even received a little gift with purchase:

The veil cheek palette

This is the most beautiful face palette, which contain the following shades: Laguna Sun Wash diffusing bronzer (diffused brown powder with golden shimmer)Lovesick blush (satin watermelon)Surreal highlighter (glistening bronze rose)

Laguna is their classic bronzer, a medium brown with warm undertones and a matte finish, only in the new special texture which gives you that natural sun kissed color. The Lovesick blush (medium dark pink coral…

Huda Beauty

When the brand Huda Beauty first landed in Sephora Spain a few months ago, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. On one hand, I'm a beauty addict who has the natural curiosity and need to try everything new. On the other hand, I'm an Israeli and forever will be, no matter where in the world I live. 
But I do believe that every person is entitled to have an opinion, as long as they can remain respectful and open to opinions different than their own. And if you let your personal opinions intervene with your business? Well, that's your problem. So I eventually decided I won't let history, politics and hatred enter here, my happy place of all things beauty, and approached this brand without any prejudice. 
It was obvious to me that her iconic Textured shadows palette- Rose gold edition will be the first thing I'll buy, what I didn't know was that not a lot of time after the new and stunning Desert dusk eye shadow palette will drop. Of course I had to buy her too. And …