Dr. Nona

When I was in Israel last December I was contacted by a company called Dr. Nona, who asked me if I'd like to try some of their products. Since I left Israel 4 years ago I lost contact with the PR companies and have been buying all of the products I review in the blog by myself, which on the one hand gives me complete "artistic freedom" when writing, but on the other hand lowers my exposure to new brands and products, so I was happy for the opportunity to try something I don't know.
I never heard about this company before, but since I used to call my grandmother "Nona", I immediately felt sentimental toward the name of the brand.

Dr. Nona Kuchina founded her brand in 1994 and like many other Israeli brands based it on the abilities of the Dead sea, to be accurate- on the Archaebacteria that lives in it.
Today the company operates in over 40 countries worldwide, working through a network of 300,000 distributors and has close to 50 health and beauty products.

I received 4 of those products to try and I have to first say that although the outside carton packaging is "clean", meaning mostly white with gold imprint which I like, the product packaging itself I didn't like at all. I feel it is outdated. 
With so many products on the market today, you have to stand out. I understand that this brand already has loyal customers who uses its products for years, but if you want to expend and bring in new customers, you need to be more attractive and great packaging is key

Dr. Nona products

Halo Recovering Mud Mask
Halo Recovering Mud Mask

The Halo Recovering Mud Mask is meant to clean, nourish, moisturize and encourage skin cell renewal, and also absorb oils and dirt, removes dead skin cells and strengthens the skin.
Well, I love this type of masks. The kind that shrinks and tightens your skin to the point you want to rip it off your face. While removing it there is also a sensation of exfoliation, and all together it made me feel that it really cleaned my skin, and after using it my skin did look and feel better. 
When you also read what are the key ingredients here- Dead Sea mud, Chamomile extract, Aloe Vera extract, Peach oil, Melissa oil, Lemon oil, Frankincense oil and Lavender oil, it supports this sensation and I enjoy using this mask.
Price: 113 ILS

Halo Dynamic Cream

Halo Dynamic Cream

The Halo Dynamic Cream is defined as a "first aid" cream for skin conditions such as stings, peeling, dryness and burns. It can also be used daily to improve skin functions and blood circulation. 
I'm always skeptical when it comes to products who promise me wonders and miracles, and my approach to this cream was no different. The thick texture was absorbed surprisingly quick and my skin did feel very moisturized after using it, which for me means that I can only use it during winter time since it will be to heavy for the Barcelona hummed summer. 
However I didn't find any unusual benefits here which will make me favor it over other creams I have, especially at its high price point.
Price: 210 ILS

Halo Mineral Lipstick

Halo Mineral Lipstick

Oh how I love balms! I swear I have one in every bag and during the winter they are always in constant use. With this one I loved the idea of the lipstick packaging but again, why such an outdated one?
The product itself is great. It moisturizes the lips gently, prevents chapping and feels comfortable and not heavy at all. I was happy to add it to my winter hydrating routine.
Price: 90 ILS

Halo Mineral Lipstick

Halo Solaris Body Lotion
Halo Solaris Body Lotion

Halo Solaris Body Lotion is said to be the best seller product of the brand, an interesting declaration considering the fact that this is, after all, a body lotion.
But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised here, because it is indeed a really good body lotion. If we put aside the fact that it does well what it's suppose to do, hydrate and moisturize the skin, it also fulfill the promise to act as a muscle reliever. I have returned to working out after a very long time, and my personal trainer gives me hell. The muscle spasms I had after training these passing weeks have been painful and this cream played a big part in helping me relive them!
It is also said to help minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, dark skin spots, pigmentation, cold sores cut marks and various burns, so for me this product is defiantly a keeper.
Price: 173 ILS.

You can visit the Dr. Nona web site for more information on their products, however for some reason there are no prices mentioned on the site, which I think is important to add.
I'm happy for the opportunity I was given to get to know this brand and test out a few of their products, they have various lines that treat different skin issues and you can't argue with that fact that 24 years old for a cosmetic company is definitely outstanding nowadays!